Carmel of the Reposoir

carmel le reposoir


The History of our Monastery

The Chartreuse of the Reposoir was founded in 1151 by Blessed John of Spain. For seven centuries the Carthusians had cleared the land and prayed on this mountain in Haute Savoie. After the first expulsion during the French Revolution, they returned to the Reposoir, and then were definitively expelled in 1901.

The monastery was transformed into a hotel for several years, and then abandoned, before being bought by Mother Mary of Jesus di Rudini, Prioress of the Carmel of Paray le Monial, who restored it and turned it into a Carmel. Monastic life was revived in this place on the 15th October 1932, the feast of St Teresa of Avila.

The monastery today

The Carmel of the Reposoir today houses 18 Carmelites whose vocation is essentially ecclesial and apostolic. This purely contemplative apostolate consists in praying for the Church through silent prayer, the liturgy and the meditation of the Word of God, and through various work accomplished in the presence of living God, so that their whole life becomes prayer through seeking union with God.



  • Federation : Avignon-Lyon
  • Diocese : Annecy
  • Ecclesiastical Province : Lyon

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