Carmel of Compiègne in Jonquières

Carmel of Compiègne in Jonquières


The History of our Monastery

Carmel of Compiègne in Jonquières : The Compiègne Carmel was founded in 1641 by sisters coming from Amiens and Paris. They were only able to move in to their monastery, with its dedication to the mystery of the Annunciation, built near the castle on March 23rd 1648. It was suppressed in 1792 and the whole community was executed on the scaffold on 17th July 1794. Under the inspiration of Mother Camille de Soyecourt there was an attempt to restore it from 1835 to 1848 but it did not last. Troyes Carmel refounded it in1866.

The community moved to Jonquière, a small village near Compiègne in March 1992.

The monastery today

The Carmel of Compiègne in Jonquières we are 12 sisters, united in the watchfulness of contemplative life, for the glory of God and the salvation of the world in a total oblation of ourselves in praise and intercession, fraternal friendship and work : work in the house, the garden and the printing press.

Our chapel is open from 6.30 am to 8.00 pm. The day is punctuated by two hours of silent prayer at 6.30 am. and 5.00 pm (5.30pm on Sundays), Morning Prayer at 7.30 am Midday Office and Mass at 11.00am, Evening Prayer at 6.00 pm. (5.00 pm on Sundays).

We have four bedrooms for people who want to share our life of prayer.

Special features of our monastery

Underneath our chapel is the memorial to the sixteen Blessed Carmelite nuns of Compiègne, comprising a crypt with the small statue of the Blessed Virgin they kissed at the foot of the scaffold before being beheaded and a small museum with their manuscripts and devotional objects. It also represents symbolically the continuation of praise and the witness at the heart of the Church : the offering of the Martyrs “for the peace of the Church and of the world”, which carries our community and its witness in the Church.

Site des Amis des bienheureuses carmélites de Compiègne.

Les carmélites de Compiègne pourraient être bientôt canonisées ?… – Voir les News.


Carmel of Compiègne in Jonquières

  • Federation : France-Nord
  • Diocese : Beauvais
  • Ecclesiastical Province : Reims

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Carmel de Compiègne
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