A life hidden with Christ in God,
A pilgrimage in search for the True God
Pape François.
Night and day,
the contemplative life is the praying heart,
a storehouse of apostolic fruitfulness
Pape François.
Prayer is the core
of your consecrated life,
of your contemplative life
Pape François.
Your entire life,
ought to be organised
around the word of God
Pape François.
In your way of thinking and acting,
show that you belong fully to Christ
Pape François.


Welcome to the Website of the Service des Moniales

Welcome : The Service des Moniales in France (SDM) is an association serving autonomous women abbeys and monasteries,
whose members are consecrated solely to God, in the form of a contemplative life proper to them.

It addresses the total of abbeys and monasteries distributed throughout the 15 ecclesiastical provinces, approximately 3074 moniales and 200 monasteries.

Elections du Bureau du Service des Moniales

Dans l’action de grâce pour ce qui a été vécu lors du mandat qui s’achève, Sr Véronique Laforêt, présidente sortante et les sœurs de son Bureau sont heureuses de transmettre ce beau service aux sœurs qui viennent d’être élues le 10 juin 2021 :

Pour l’Ordre des Bénédictines : déléguée : Sr Marie-Madeleine CASEAU (Vanves) – suppléante : Sr Marie-Caroline LECOUFFE (Bouzy-la-Forêt)

Pour l’Ordre des Carmélites : déléguée : Sr France-Marie FOURMONT (Lisieux) – suppléante : Sr Chantal BARRET (Bayonne)

Pour l’Ordre des Cisterciennes : déléguée : Sr Marie-Christine VILMAIN (Le Rivet) – suppléante : Sr Emmanuelle DESJOBERT (Boulaur)

Pour l’Ordre des Clarisses : déléguée : Sr Magguy LEONARD (Ronchamp) – suppléante : Sr Annunciata JORDY (Montbrison)

Pour l’Ordre des Dominicaines : déléguée : Sr Maya BOESPFLUG (Chalais) – suppléante : Sr Anne-Dominique de SANDERVAL (Prouilhe)

Pour l’Ordre des Visitandines : déléguée : Sr Marie-Simon PRIOU (Paray-le-Monial) – suppléante : Sr Anne-Sophie VEYRIER (Moulins)

Pour les Ordres divers : déléguée : Sr Marie de l’Immaculée Conception BOUCROT (Annonciade de Saint-Doulchard) – suppléante : Sr Marie des Béatitudes (Annonciade de Thiais)

Le nouveau Bureau votera prochainement pour élire sa Présidente. Que l’Esprit Saint accompagne leur travail au service de tous nos monastères : c’est notre prière reconnaissante et fraternelle !

Le Service des Moniales


The Service des Moniales in France (SDM) has for objective the promotion of monastic women’s religious life in the Church today, allowing it to practice with joy and fidelity its proper charism. It is a means by which abbeys and monasteries demonstrate their existence which by its nature is silent and hidden.

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Monastic Life for Women


Just like her brother monks, the moniale, “seeker of God”, in the face-to-face with him, remains in prayer, a watchman for the world, on the lookout for dawn, in imitation of Christ whom she wants to follow. Life in the Monastery is based upon 5 pillars : Personnel and Community Prayer, Silence and Solitude, Fraternel Life, Study, Meditation, Lectio Divina…

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Where to find a monastery ?


Are you looking for a monastery in France ?
Go ahead and browse the map of France,
discover monastic orders
and get acquainted
with these monasteries
in the four corners of France…

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Le Lien des moniales

Spirituality bulletin

Talks & interviews on prayer,
spiritual itineraries,
monastery life…

For your information :
SDM Secretary office
Mère Marie-Noëlle
Monastère Ste-Scholastique
64240 Urt




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The 14 monastic Orders

A page from the Gospel is entrusted to each Order who is called to emphasize upon it, while the fundamentals remain the same.
Thus, just like the nuances of a palette, monastic life and the Gospel have a million colors
…”We are different from one another only in the sense that we have different facets of the same answer to the same calling”…