Carmel of Dijon at Flavignerot

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The History of our Monastery

Twenty years after the death of St Teresa of Avila, her Spanish daughters came to establish Carmelite life in France. Dijon was their third foundation, in 1605. Dispersed by the Revolution in 1792, the Carmel was refounded in 1865. Elisabeth Catez, who was to become Blessed Elisabeth of the Trinity, was to enter this monastery in 1901.

Many problems and constraints forced the Carmelites of Dijon to leave the town. In 1979, the monastery was transferred to a peaceful hill, near to the village of Flavignerot, 13 km from Dijon.

The monastery today

Currently we are a dozen sisters coming from very diverse backgrounds, called together by the Lord, the God who loved the world so much that he gave his only Son, Jesus. Hence our vocation is to welcome his friendship in the name of all, and to bring before him in our prayer the joys and sufferings of all, particularly during the two hours of silent prayer which frame our day, and the liturgical offices : Lauds at 7.15 .m., Mass with Sext at 11.00 a.m. (8.10 a.m Wednesday and 5.30 p.m. Sunday) ; Vespers at 6.00 p.m. ; Office of Readings and Compline at 9.00 p.m. (8.15 p.m. Wednesdays).

It is a simple life, hardworking, lived in intimacy in a welcoming fraternal community. Work (making vestments, weaving, word processing, transcribing talks, book-binding, making clothes for babies, making rosaries) allow us to earn our living, according to the skills of each one and responding to new needs.

Special features of our monastery

The Carmel of Dijon at Flavignerot is blessed to live the presence of Elisabeth of the Trinity in a very special way. Post, e-mails, books and CDs spread her message throughout the entire world.

We maintain links with over 70 countries and numerous pilgrims come to pray on our hillside or to make a few days retreat in our small guesthouse to ask her to help them to remain in “the great inner silence”.



  • Federation : France-Nord
  • Diocese : Dijon
  • Ecclesiastical Province : Dijon

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