Carmel of Frileuse at Briis sous Forges


The History of our Monastery

The community was founded in 1937 by the Carmel of Nogent-sur-Marne at Plessis-Robinson near Paris. In the 1950’s, the sisters moved to be further from the town, and they bought a large dwelling, the “Chateau de Frileuse”, with a garden, and trees which are magnificent in all seasons. The dilapidated buildings were rebuilt a little at a time. The Chapel, work of the architect Hervé Dubourg, was consecrated in 1982.

The monastery today

We live Carmelite life, a life of friendship with Christ and between sisters, which is at both at a certain distance from, but also mindful of what is being lived in our world.

The chapel of Carmel of Frileuse at Briis sous Forges is open every day. You are welcome to stop off and participate in the community’s liturgy.
Several guest rooms accommodate retreatants.

Special features of our monastery

In the Diocese of Evry – Corbeil-Essonnes, the Carmel of Frileuse at Briis sous Forges, along with the other religious communities, is a presence of prayer and a place of peace at the heart of a multi-faceted department in the Parisian peripheries.


Carmel of Frileuse at Briis sous Forges

  • Federation : France-Nord
  • Diocese : Évry
  • Ecclesiastical Province : Paris

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Carmel de Frileuse

2, route du Carmel

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