Poor clairs

Poor clairs

“Love Him totally,

who gave Himself totally
for your love”
(Letter of St. Clare).

Clare of Assisi, a bright woman, was born in Assisi in 1193. When her youth, she heard Francis preaching and rapidly she was conquered by his ideal of evangelical poverty. At 18, on Palm Sunday 1212, to follow in the footsteps of the Christ, “in a spirit of great humility and very ardent charity”, she came out, joined Francis and his brothers and dedicated her life to the Lord in the small chapel of saint Mary of the Angels.

Then, Francis leaded her to Saint-Damian where she lived during 42 years, with “a burning desire for loving the Christ poor and crucified” : life of prayer, working, joyful poverty, for Jesus Christ’s love, with the many companions given by the Lord.


The happiness of “following the life and poverty of Jesus Christ”

First woman to have redacted a Rule, Clare died on the 11th of august 1253, a few days after she received the approval of her Rule by pope Innocent the IV.

Her latest words sing her thanks to God : “May You be blessed, o Lord, You who have created my soul !”.

The happiness of “following the life and poverty of Jesus Christ”.

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