Carmel of Les Buissonnets of Montpellier

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The History of our Monastery

At the request of the bishop of the time, the Carmelites of Rodez founded the monastery in Montpellier in 1837. Numerous vocations enabled foundations to be made in Bédarieux in 1856, then in Bergerac in 1858. As a consequence of the laws of 1901, the community went into exile in Belgium, very near to Namur. In 1919, on returning to Montpellier, they were not able to be reinstated in the monastery which was occupied by a boarding school, and they settled provisionally at the Abbey of Vigogoul. It was not until 1927 that they were able to get back to Montpellier, not to the original monastery, but to the Buissonnets.

Between 1963 and 1965, a new building was constructed, which enables, notably, the production of cakes. In 2010, the sisters of the Carmel of Sete came to join the Community.

The monastery today

The community currently counts 14 sisters ; from the Hérault department but also from other regions of France, Algeria, Sardinia and even the Far East.

Our remunerated work consists mainly in embroidery, liturgical vestments, baby clothes and the sale of monastic products.

Special features of our monastery

The Carmel of Les Buissonnets of Montpellier is well integrated into the Diocese. Diocesan priests are regular visitors and most fraternal towards us.



  • Federation : Avignon-Lyon
  • Diocese : Montpellier
  • Ecclesiastical Province : Montpellier

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Carmel “Les Buissonnets”
1133 rue Pioch de Boutonnet

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