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“Your monasteries should be the source of Christ’s living water, the only source that can quench the thirst of men…”
St John-Paul II

Finding a Monastery

There are various ways to find a monastery. Click on a dot on the map ; the red dots indicate monasteries that are geographically close. With each click, the map zooms in
showing dots of various colours. Each colour corresponds to a Religious Order (See key).

Selecting one of these coloured dots will display a picture associated with the monastery at that spot and the name of the monastery. Click on the name of the monastery and you will be linked to information about the monastery.

SEARCH BY LOCATION AND DISTANCE : Click on the Magnifying Glass Icon and type in a major town close to a chosen location. There is an option to select a search radius from 10-100 km by moving the cursor to the right. Then click FIND. For other searches click RESET. To close the search window click on the Magnifying Glass Icon.

FILTER BY RELIGIOUS ORDER : Click the FILTER button, this will allow you to scroll through the list of Religious Orders. Clik the Order, the associated monasteries will appear on the map and you can scroll through the photos shown below the map. To display details of a monastery either click on the picture of the monastery on the map or click the “detail” button of the chosen monastery below the map.

184 Monastères
Rechercher dans un rayon de 30 à 200 km


Red dots with a number in the center symbolize several geo-graphically nearby monasteries. Points colors symbolize a unique monastery. To each order is assigned a color.

feder4 monasteries



BethleemBethlehem nuns


chartreusesCarthusian nuns


doninicaines1Dominicans nuns

bordeauxHoly Family of Bordeaux

passionistePassionists nuns

clarissePoor clairs

redempRedemptoristines nuns

coeurReligious Women of Jesus Hearth