Carmel at Luçon

carmel luçon


The History of our Monastery

Our Carmel at Luçon was founded in 1847 by the Carmel of Nantes, at the request of Mgr Baillès, Bishop of Luçon at the time, to pray particularly for the Diocese which was in ruins after the Revolution. The Carmelites have never left their original location.

The buildings were constructed between 1847 and 1958. They are monastic, bright, in classic and sober style using the stone of the region.

The monastery today

The Chapel was refurbished in 1996-1997 and provides a place for prayer which is both beautiful and sober, favourable to the liturgy and silent prayer. The Carmelite stained glass and the biblical bas-relief (sculptor : C Gruer) are appreciated as vehicles for catechesis.

The living areas of the house that were restructured in 2007-2008 are conducive to silence and solitude, and the cloisters which were restored in 2013-2014 are peaceful and light-filled. About twenty nuns of very varied age live the post conciliar Teresian Carmelite tradition at Luçon.

Special features of our monastery

Several guest rooms and a small oratory in the guest house enable us to receive retreatants.

Mass is celebrated at 11.15a.m on Sundays and at 11.30 a.m during the week.
Each day, the Chapel and the Craft Shop are open enabling people to come for personal and liturgical prayer, for meetings and to discover the various monastic products which are available.



  • Federation : Toulouse-Bordeaux
  • Diocese : Luçon
  • Ecclesiastical Province : Rennes

Contact our monastery

Carmel de Luçon
14, rue de l’Union Chrétienne
85 400 LUÇON

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