Religious women of Jesus hearth

Religious women of Jesus hearth

From the urgent appeal
the Lord sent
Caroline Lioger,
it founded an Institute
of contemplative life
in 1857.

In response to a call from the Lord, Caroline Lioger founded a new contemplative order in Grenoble in 1857, becoming Mother Marie-Veronique. Her institute was transferred to Namur in Belgium in 1901 and then re-established in La-Roche-Sur-Yon in the Vendée in 1920. Inspired by faith and the grace of Mother Marie-Veronique, we chose the contemplative life and adoration of the Holy Sacrament as our vocation.

The current community of ten sisters follow this calling, living independently within the community of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary in their Mother House in Mormaison, Vendée.

Monastère des religieuses du Cœur de Jésus :

10 rue Jean XXIII
85260 Mormaison

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