Carmel of Our Lady of the Resurrection at Basse Terre

carmel basse terre


The History of our Monastery

Our monastery was founded in 1953 by four Carmelites from Cholet, at the request of Mgr Gay, Bishop of Guadeloupe. Situated in the south of Basse-Terre, looking out over the Caribbean Sea, our community composed of about fifteen Sisters from the three French overseas’ Departments pursues its mission of prayer at the heart of the people of the Antilles.

The monastery today

The only contemplative monastery in the Diocese, the Carmel of  Our Lady of the Resurrection at Basse Terre daily welcomes numerous faithful who fervently join us for the liturgy and the Eucharist ; welcomes those seeking a kindly ear and advice for their own spiritual life.
The days are punctuated by prayer and work.
Silent prayer at 5.30 a.m, Lauds 6.30 a.m., Eucharist 7.00 a.m., time of thanksgiving and Terce, work, Sext at 11.45 a.m. spiritual reading at 4.00 p.m., silent prayer 5.00p.m., Vespers 6.00 p.m. Compline 8.30 p.m, Office of readings 9.15 p.m.

Special features of our monastery

The fabrication of altar breads for the three overseas’ departments is the main way in which we earn our living, with several complementary activities (making chasubles, book binding, chicken run, kitchen garden).

Through our presence here, we wish to be – along with the other religious families – a sign of the love of God at the heart of the population, impregnated by the Carmelite presence : the Carmelite Friars arrived before us and initiated a great diocesan pilgrimage to our Lady of Mount Carmel, followed with fervour by thousands of faithful each 16th July.



  • Federation : Toulouse-Bordeaux
  • Diocese : Guadeloupe
  • Ecclesiastical Province : Antilles-Guyane

Contact our monastery

B.P. 7 – Gourbeyre
97 101 Basse Terre cedex

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