Carmel of Yzeron

carmel yzeron


The History of our Monastery

Our Carmel, was founded in 1861 in Oullins which was at that time a suburb of factory workers. In 1926 the community moved to Point-du-Jour (a cartier of Lyon), then again in 1967 to Yzeron, in a area called les Monts du Lyonnais.

The monastery today

A few guest rooms offer our little community the joy of frequently receiving priests who appreciate this place of beauty and seclusion and the opportunity to participate in the liturgical prayer which rhythms our day. Our two hours of silent prayer center our life in adoration and intercession, and nourish our time of communal recreation.

Special features of our monastery

The Carmel of Yzeron began in a former hotel called “Beautiful Sight”, a name well suited to its magnificent view of the region. We can only say : “Come and see” !!

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  • Federation : Avignon-Lyon
  • Diocese : Lyon
  • Ecclesiastical Province : Lyon

Contact our monastery

Monastère du Carmel
33 grande rue
69 510 YZERON

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