The Order of the Virgin Mary
known as L’Annonciade,
was foundered in 1502
by Saint Jeanne of France
with the collaboration of the
Blessed Father Gabriel-Maria
a Franciscan priest.


It was established in France, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands within the current boundaries of the borders at that time.
During the French Revolution, fifty of the monasteries that existed, were decimated. Only two of them were able to be re-established in 1815. At present today, there are three  Annonciade monasteries in France, one in Belgium, one in Poland and one in Costa Rica.


The spirituality that St. Jeanne of France bequeathed to her nuns, is based on the desire to please God
by living the Gospel in imitation of the Virgin.
Contemplating Mary and entering gradually into the inclinations of her heart,
is the most direct path to be united with her Son Jesus.

This evangelical and Marian spirituality is proposed through the “Annonciade Fraternity, Path to Peace” to all Christians eager to deepen and enrich their life through  faith and charity.

The charisma of St. Jeanne has equally inspired two religious institutions : The Marians, founded in Poland in the XVII century and the apostolic Annonciades founded in Belgium in the XVIII century.

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