Carmel of Christ the King in St Sever sur Adour

carmel saint sever sur adour


The History of our Monastery

Fruit of two successive exiles (the Carmel of Bordeaux, exiled to Spain in Zaraus, then the Carmel of Zaraus before leaving Spain), the Carmel of Christ the King settled in St. Sever in 1931.

The Carmel was requested to help other Carmels, in particular, Alep in Syria, Athens in Greece and the Carmel of Pater Noster in Jerusalem.

The monastery today

The Carmel of Christ the King in St Sever sur Adour, numbers fifteen Sisters, whose ages range from around thirty years old to nearly a hundred years old.

The main source of its revenue comes from its artistic leatherwork and mosaic art. However, various secretarial services are necessary to ensure a sufficient income. A great importance is given to the liturgy and the continuation of its training.

Special features of our monastery

In the middle of the 1939-1945 war, Charles Mauméjean was entrusted with the decoration of the Chapel. He created a fresco, some noteworthy stained-glass windows, and, “The Way of the Cross”, in mosaic. During the first decade of this Century, the planning was overseen by Jean-Pierre Mathios, who, having such respect for this work, gave it a less severe style.

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  • Federation : Toulouse-Bordeaux
  • Diocese : Aire and Dax
  • Ecclesiastical Province : Bordeaux

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Carmel du Christ Roi
10, allée du Carmel

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