Monastery of St Elie at St Remy-les-Montbard

carmel saint rémy les montbard


The History of our Monastery

As an echo to the VAT II “decret on ecumenism” the Nancy Carmel thinks about founding a Carmel with byzantine rite. Inspired by Prioress Mother Elizabeth and with the authorization of the Bishops of Nancy and Dijon, the Monastery of St Elie is founded in St Remy by the Carmelite Sisters of Nancy.
In 1986, the monastery is canonically erected as Carmel under the juridiction of the Ordinariate for oriental catholics in France who hands over his powers to the Bishop of Dijon.
In 1991, many friends from different Christian confession having asked for it, the St Elie Fraternity comes to life.
In 1994, a skite (a small monastery depending on another monastery) is founded in Romania, in the Oriental Carpates.

The monastery today

The Monastery of St Elie at St Remy-les-Montbard is under the Patronage of St Elie.
Following the Prophet Elie, their “chief and Father”, a prophet revered by the Jews, the Muslems and the Oriental and Occidental Christians, the Carmelites try to live in the presence of God and continuously search His Face so to become the witnesses of His Love.

Through Elie, this prophetic order of Carmel has a unique link in the Church with Israel. Considering the first schism, that of the Church and Israel, it is called to witness, in history, of the expectation of what must be, should be and will be achieved by God, that’s to say the unity of both holly communities, that of Israel and that of the Church.

Special features of our monastery

Celebrating the byzantine liturgy makes us be in communion with the heart of Orthodoxy. Through the St Elie Fraternity counting members of Orthodox and Oriental Churches, of the Anglican Communion and of Communities belonging to the Reform, the St Elie Monastery embraces in its intercession all the disciples of Christ and bears the concern of the Communion of Churches.

Mother Elizabeth’s “Memories from china”, which were published after her death on June 15th 1996 are available in French, Roman, English and German languages.



  • Federation : France-Nord
  • Diocese : Dijon
  • Ecclesiastical Province : Dijon

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Monastère Saint-Élie
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