Fraternal life

“The multitude of them that believed were of one heart and of one soul…” Acts 4,32.

Every founder of a religious order has reminded in his one’s own way both the special gift of common life according to the holy gospel and what this common life requires : “My desire is this : may you love you each other in such a manner that the sisters have one heart and one soul, the Holy Spirit, then, will dwell in you” Ste Jeanne of France, Annonciades.

According to the different spiritual families, in large or in small communities, the fraternal life of nuns is a God’s gift, a frail gift that is not granted for ever but has t to be received, “to day”, and everyday.

It is a space of calm but not of rest, a space of love but not of affective comfort, a space of freedom, but not necessarily of well being… It is a way to grow in humility and truth, a way to receive forgiveness both from God and from one’s sisters, it is a way to learn how to love and to endure, and to live according to the gospel in all manners of ways. Is a place both of struggle and joy that allows to test in ordinary daily life a true l god-centred life : ” in a manner of a concerto when everybody plays the score in good harmony with others” Dom Dupont, osb.

“Be really communicative, open, frank, hearty and full of joy” Ste Jeannne de Chantal.

It is a common sharing of everything : wealth, gifts, limits and weakness of each other, and labour and homework. “… Neither said any of them that aught of the things which he possessed was his own ; but they had all things common” Acts 4,32.

A blissfull adventure !

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