Carmel of the Incarnation in Migne-Auxances


The History of our Monastery

Our monastery was established in 1630 at Poitiers, having its first settlement in the present place of “Banque de France”. Later on, the carmelites were expelled from this first building in 1792, but could go on living underhand, supported by “mère Victoire de SainteThérèse”. Since 1802, they gathered again, and in 1817, could buy a part of La Celle abbey. In 1838, thence, the two founders of the “carmel de Lisieux” started.

In 1957, since the way of living of a monastery was becoming threatened in a center-town, the carmelites joined Migné of Carmel of the Incarnation.

The monastery today

Settled at six kilometers North from Poitiers, on the parish of Migné-Auxances, it could get since 1957 a neighbourhood more suitable for praying and meditating. The tower of the keep reminds the carmelites of Carmel of the Incarnation their duty :

“Watching in the prayer, waiting for the lord’s return”

Humble witnesses, wondered by a secret and hidden God begging our Faith and overdrawing our days by his actual love, the carmelites take a part in the joys and sufferings of church and men, melting them together in their praises and intercessions towards the Father.


Carmel of the Incarnation

  • Federation : Toulouse-Bordeaux
  • Diocese : Poitiers
  • Ecclesiastical Province : Poitiers

Contact our monastery

Carmel de l’Incarnation
39 rue du Quéreux
86 440 Migné-Auxances

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