Carmel of Notre-Dame de Surieu at St-Romain-de-Surieu



The History of our Monastery

Leaving Paray-le-Monial to answer a call of Grenoble’s church in 1981, our community transferred to La Tronche (near Grenoble) before setting in Vienne’s region in 1984. We are implanted on a feudal site as testify the old Middle Age tower. Build on a hill, the roman church that spanned the centuries welcome us day by day. A lot of pilgrims join us to pray.

The monastery today

We are a small community of about twelve sisters, all generation taken together, well inserted in the local church, about 50 kilometers from Lyon. Our days are marked by the two hours of silent prayer : it is “nothing else than an intimate sharing between friends”, said Therese of Jesus.

Apart from it, our daily time is shared between : fraternal time (all together one hour at evening), lectio divina, study and formation ; and work (paid work as photocomposition, cartography, book binding, liturgical vestements or unpaid work as association work and housekeeping). We also welcome hosts from everywhere.

  • Mass : week time : 11:30, on Sunday (and feast day) : 6PM
  • Morning prayer : 8AM, vesper : 5PM (except on Sunday: 4:30PM)

Special features of our monastery

Life in the carmel of Notre-Dame de Surieu is the life of a campaign carmel marked by the rhythm of season. We are close to nature with starry nights, fauna, sunrise and sunset: favorable climate for prayer and contemplation.

“A thousand graces diffusing He passed through the groves in haste,
And merely regarding them as He passed as clothed them with His beauty”
Jean of the Cross, Spiritual Canticle.



  • Federation : Avignon-Lyon
  • Diocese : Grenoble-Vienne
  • Ecclesiastical Province : Lyon

Contact our monastery

Carmel Notre Dame de Surieu
2, Montée de Surieu

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