Priory of Sainte-Marie des Anges at Carbet



The History of our Monastery

On the 8th September 1961, two women from Martinique left Fort-de-France with the intention of embracing the Benedictine monastic life at St Cecilia’s Abbey, Solesmes, so as to be able to lead the same life of prayer as the monks of the Monastery of Notre Dame du Mont Pelé where they were oblates. They became nuns, and along with other women from Martinique, had the joy of returning on the 11th November 1976 to realise the foundation that St Cecilia’s Abbey was making in Martinique.

The Monastery today

Situated above the commune of Carbet, the monastery is a place of calm and serenity where one can discover the marvellous panorama equally over the mountains and over the Caribbean sea ; a place that was only wanting human voices to raise up the praise of creation to its creator. This is the principal mission of the fifteen nuns, who, seven times a day, combine the reverence and solemnity of Gregorian chant with French psalmody.

Some special features of our monastery

The nuns of the Priory of Sainte Marie des Anges, Carbet, welcome guests wishing to be silently recollected and to pray with the community. A number of people are thus led to take stock of their lives and to make a fresh start.
“Pray and work” : a workshop to make jam, aimed at assuring the subsistence of the sisters is growing fast and the nuns also make rosaries. These articles, as well as books and objects of piety are available for visitors in a small shop.




  • Congregation : Solesmes
  • Diocese : Fort de France
  • Ecclesiastical province : Antilles-Guyane

Contact our monastery

Prieuré Sainte Marie des Anges
97 221 LE CARBET