Monastery of Notre-Dame de Compassion at Martigné-Briand

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The history of our monastery

In 1956 at the request of Mgr Chappoulie, bishop of Angers, the Benedictine sisters of Vanves (founded in 1921) joined up with the remaining nuns of the Fontevraud Order at Chemillé (Maine & Loire). From this merger one community was formed, belonging to the Congregation of Saint Bathilde. On 15th August 1961, the monastery moved to Martigné-Briand. Our name and our Feast day are a gentle reminder of Fontevraud. Its founder, Robert d’Arbrissel (XI c.) placed the Order under the protection of Mary and John of the Cross. Belonging to the Congregation of St Bathilde opens us to a wider audience: autonomous and interdependent, our nine monasteries are closely linked with one other. They are to be found in four countries and three continents: France, Madagascar, Vietnam and Benin.

The Monastery today

Liturgical prayer regularly gathers us together and according to monastic tradition, our time table also includes work, community life, solitude and hospitality. We have Vigil at 5.25am, Morning Prayer at 7.45am, Mass at 11.45am, None at 2.15pm, Evensong at 5.30pm and Compline between 8pm and 8.20pm.
Our workshops are : jam making, icon collage and pottery. We also have a small shop. We welcome individuals, groups and couples to our guest house.

Special features of our Monastery

Our community is involved in ecumenism ; we have close relations with both Orthodox and Protestant denominations. From its very beginning at Martigné, the Monastery of Our Lady of Compassion has been open to interreligious and intercultural dialogue, especially through our participation in the DIM (Monastic Interreligious Dialogue) since its foundation in 1978. Our whole community, through the Sister nominated for this purpose, participates in the dialogue between monks and nuns from different religious traditions.




  • Congregation : Sainte Bathilde
  • Diocese : Angers
  • Ecclesiastical province : Rennes

Contact our monastery

Monastère Notre-Dame de Compassion
1 place Robert d’Arbrissel
La Barre Villeneuve