Abbey of Saint-Vincent at Chantelle

Abbey of Saint-Vincent at Chantelle


The History of Our Monastery

The adventure of our community started over 160 years ago… On the evening of October 11th 1893, a stagecoach stops in the  Chantelle Priory Courtyard. A few nuns disembark.
What they discovered about their new place of life is first a beautiful 12th century roman church and a former Regular Canons priory, remains of the vicissitudes of History.

The Monastery today

Composed of about 12 nuns, the Abbey of Saint-Vincent at Chantelle share its activities between laudation, Lectio divina, work and welcome.
The day is punctuated by the bell tolling, which reminds us of our priority, the prayer : Night Office, at 5:40 AM – Laudes at 7:45 AM, followed by the Mass ( Eucharist)- Median Hour at 12:00 –Vespers a at 5:30 PM, and Complines at 8:00 PM.
Or community life is built on a strong and Joyful fraternal life, with the preference given to Christ.
For more than 60 years we manufacture and sell cosmetics in France and Europe.

Some special features of our monastery

Besides the spiritual welcome offered by any monastery, (18 rooms), our door is opened to the Pilgrims to Santiago de Compostella (Our Abbey of Saint-Vincent at Chantelle is located on GR 300, Vezelay alternate track) especially June to September included, with the presence of hospitable people.
Place of interest, Located on a conservation area, the site is ideal for hiking, with the proximity of the Bouble gorges.
Visits of the church are regularly organised during summer time




Abbey of Saint-Vincent at Chantelle

  • Federation : Notre Dame de la Rencontre
  • Diocese : Moulins
  • Ecclesiastical province : Clermont-Ferrand

Contact our monastery

Abbaye Saint-Vincent
14 rue Anne de Beaujeu