Abbey of Sainte-Cécile at Solesmes



The history of our Monastery

Abbey of Sainte-Cécile at Solesmes was founded by Dom Guéranger in 1866. He placed at the head of the Community his faithful disciples, Mother Cécile Bruyère (1845-1909) who was to become  like him  a remarkable spiritual guide. After having founded the monasteries of Notre Dame de Wisques and St Michael-de Kergonan at the end of the 19th century, the community was forced to go into exile in England for about twenty years (1901-1922). In response to the call of the Church, two foundations were made after the Second Vatican Council : St John Baptist de Keur-Guilaye in Senegal and Sainte Marie-des-Anges in Martinique.

The Monastery today

As Benedictine nuns, we strive to seek God in the radicality of a form of life strictly separated from the world. To do this, following the direction given by our founders, we have at heart to be disciples in the Church, through a cordial attachment to the Successor of Peter. We celebrate the liturgy of the Church, which was renewed by the Second Vatican Council, through the beauty and simplicity of Gregorian chant. Our contemplative life, nourished by lectio divina and thorough study of the doctrine, is lived out through the humble round of daily work and the joy of fraternal life.

Some special features of our monastery

Text of Mother Cécile Bruyère, foundress and first Abbess of Saint Cécile :

“The simple soul gazes in only one way, has only one love, one intention, one aim, one destiny : in gazing, it only sees God; one love, it loves only God; one intention, centred only on God; one aim, to please God, one destiny – to know God completely. It does not look back into the past, nor anticipate the worries of the future; peacefully, it concentrates all its efforts on the unity of the present hour; and in the present moment, it only sees the unity of God’s good pleasure. Whatever happens will never trouble the peace and the safety which come from the total abandon of the soul to being pleasing to God.”



  • Congregation : Solesmes
  • Diocese : Le Mans
  • Ecclesiastical province : Rennes

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