Monastery Sainte Françoise Romaine at Bec-Hellouin

Monastery Sainte Françoise Romaine at Bec-Hellouin


The History of Our Monastery

Madame de Wavrechin (1885-1975), a war widow, discovered  in Rome the figure of St Francesca Romana who had founded the community of Tor de Specchi and had become an oblate of Santa Maria la Nuova (Congregation of Monte Oliveto) on August 15th 1425.
Desiring to implant this tradition in France, Mother Marie Elisabeth de Wavrechin founded our community at Cormeilles en Parisis, linked to the monks at Mesnil Saint Loup, making her monastic profession as an oblate-nun on August 15th 1925.
We left Cormeilles in order to follow the monks who had re-established monastic life at the Abbey of Bec in 1948.

The Monastery today

The Monastery Sainte Françoise Romaine at Bec-Hellouin has 25 sisters of varied ages. Our life is divided between times of personal prayer and the reading of Scripture, shared prayer and life in common. Our main work is to manufacture handmade candles (video) and welcoming those who wish to make a retreat.

Some special features of our monastery

We are oblate-nuns to the Abbey of Notre Dame du Bec in accordance to the charism of Santa Francesca Romana, which is to say we live a Benedictine life in our monastery and join the monks at the Abbey for praise in common on Sundays and feast days.
Our communities at Bec have an ecumenical dimension and a particular concern to the unity of Christians. We have a special  link with the Anglican Communion thanks to the shared heritage between Bec and Canterbury which reach back to the foundation of the Abbey. We have signed a charter with the Cathedral Chapter at Canterbury.


Monastery Sainte Françoise Romaine at Bec-Hellouin

  • Fédération : Sainte Marie du Mont-Olivet
  • Diocese : Évreux
  • Ecclesiastical Province : Rouen

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