Monastery of the Immaculée Conception at Rouen

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The History of Our Monastery

Mother Catherine Mectilde of the Blessed Sacrament de Bar, foundress of the Benedictines of Perpetual Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament in Paris in 1653 came in person to establish a new monastery of her Institute in 1677. She bought the Hotel de Mathan, built at the site of the former chateau of Philippe Auguste, the place where Joan of Arc, also from Lorraine,  had suffered a little more than two hundred years previously. The nuns were driven out at the Revolution, however they continued their monastic life and their work of adoration clandestinely before regathering in 1802, in the former convent of the Minims who themselves were victims of the same violence.

The Monastery today

Heirs of both Benedictine spirituality and the Eucharistic charism of Mother Mectilde, the monastery of the Immaculate Conception, Rouen continues its way today, firmly based on these two feet. Our lifeIt is also enriched by the treasure of prayer stored up by the Minim brothers who preceded us here. The main activity which constitutes our “labora” is a modest biscuit making enterprise; our products need no publicity! Adoration remains an essential element throughout our days, which are punctuated by the Offices (Lauds, 7.30 a.m., Eucharist, 9.35 a.m., Sext, 12.30 p.m, None 13.30 p.m; Vespers 5.45 p.m.)

Some special features of our monastery

Our monastic spirituality is greatly nourished by our Eucharistic and Marian life, since the Virgin Mary is the Abbess of each monastery of the Institute. Two hundred years before St Thérèse of Lisieux, our foundress suggested the ‘little way’ of trusting humility to those who wished ; her insistence on baptism as the root of all Christian and religious life is very much in line with current thinking. This mystical doctrine is undisputable and applies to the here and now. By making the unceasing offering of ourselves, in union with the offering of Christ in his Body and Blood, nothing of the eternal today of humanity is lost.



  • Congregation : Saint-Sacrement
  • Diocese : Rouen
  • Ecclesiastical province : Rouen

Contact our monastery

Monastère de l’Immaculée Conception
14 rue Bourg L’Abbé
76 000 ROUEN