Abbey of Sainte-Lioba at Simiane-Collongue

abbaye sainte lioba


The History of our Monastery

The first Benedictine sisters of St Lioba came from Holland to continue monastic life in this part of Provence –  monastic life which had begun ten centuries earlier by the monks of the Abbey of St Victor of Marseille (the Roman Chapel St Germain bears witness to this.) The ardent desire to ‘Prefer nothing to the love of Christ” and to learn to appreciate the beauty that comes from God gave rise to an autonomous Abbey. The name  “Lioba”  – love, goodness – reminds us of the love that God gives us and calls us to live.

The Monastery today

The Abbey of Sainte-Lioba at Simiane Collongue, is made up of small Provencal houses grouped around a chapter room, scriptorium, refectory and a Church at the centre. These four places, focal points of our monastic life, are shared with the small community of the Benedictine Brothers of St Lioba.

We weave silk liturgical vestments, sometimes reworked with batik. We also make ceramics, stained glass, paintings…  and as in all Benedictine monasteries, we take hospitality very much to heart, welcoming guests to share our life of silence and prayer, and sometimes for courses (on the Bible, witnesses to faith, interreligious encounters…).

Some special features of our monastery

Our life enables us to be mindful of, and to make others mindful of beauty which is a gift of the Creator. The existence of the two communities of sisters and brothers gives a balance to our life; we share in the richness of the different beginnings and the specific nature of each community, but are united in voice for the glory of God during the singing of the Office.



  • Diocese : Aix-Arles
  • Ecclesiastical province : Marseille

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Abbaye Sainte-Lioba
530 Chemin des Mérentiers