Monastery St Clare in Montbrison


The history of our monastery

The community Monastery St Clare in Montbrison, with the assistance of the inhabitants of the city and surrounding villages, has successfully crossed religious wars, the plague, three fires and the French Revolution.

The sisters have been in the former Capuchin convent since 1821 and they go ahead with their mission in the heart of the church and diocese.

The monastery today

At Monastery St Clare in Montbrison we come from various, social, cultural origins and nationalities and ages, but we have in common the same love of God and have made the same choice of life.

Each sister uses her specific skills and assets to earn her living and serve the other sisters but we also rely on Providence to help us when there is not enough work.

We live in silence, retired from the world but we welcome numerous people who come to confide their sorrows and worries and also people who want to do a few days of retreat.

We have left everything to follow Christ, but we are joyful to be poor and at the same time, to share with poorer than us.

We have renounced to have a family and have chosen a life with God alone, but we carefully cultivate an intense, fraternal life as Clare desired.

At the heart of our lives, we have placed the unceasing praise of God Almighty but we are also attentive to the needs and suffering of the world.

Si vous voulez vous associer à nos offices :

Laudes : 6h 05
Eucharistie : samedi, dimanche et solennité 8h ; du lundi au vendredi 18h
Vêpres : 16h 45 en semaine ; 17h 25 le dimanche
(pour plus de détail, consultez notre site).

Week-end découverte chez les clarisses de Montbrison, samedi 1er et dimanche 2 juin 2024 – Voir les News.


Monastery St Clare in Montbrison

  • Federation : St Damien
  • Diocese : Saint-Etienne
  • Ecclesiastical Province : Lyon

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