Monastery of the Poor Clairs in Lourdes

Monastery of the Poor Clairs in Lourdes


The history of our monastery

The pilgrims who go down the Rue de la Grotte for the first time are surprised, to see a long, grey building after a bend. This is our monastery which has been in the same place, since 1877. Numerous pilgrims, tourists and visitors have flocked here. The Monastery of the Poor Clairs in Lourdes was founded by the Poor Clares of Lyon. It is part of a crown of communities (contemplative or others) surrounding the grotto like « life-guards »…

The monastery today

After a tumultuous history of the past 150 years, the monastery is still here today. It is inhabited by nuns from different countries and various ages. Sometimes the nuns come from very far away ; each one attracted by the same mystery of the place, each one called by the Immaculate Virgin by her name like Bernadette at the grotto by the « beautiful, unknown Lady ».
Our mission is to carry on Bernadette’s work of listening to Mary’s message and paying special attention to the miseries of the world.

Special features of our monastery

Our special features are the characteristic accent on Mary and the welcome of all potential pilgrims who turn towards Lourdes. (chapel, visiting rooms and others).
We produce and sell black, garlic and chocolates with mango (named Black Pearls) and also other crafts : rosaries, candles, sewing (for liturgy and others) and machine embroidery…

Our Prayer Schedule

7:30 AM : Morning Prayer (on saturday : 6:15 AM)
5:00 PM : Eucharistic mass- Rosary- Adoration
(on saturday : 7:30 AM mass ; 5: 30 PM Evening prayer )
8:00 PM : Compline.


Monastery of the Poor Clairs in Lourdes

  • Federation : St-Clare
  • Diocese : Tarbes and Lourdes
  • Ecclesiastical Province : Toulouse

Contact our monastery

Monastère des clarisses
78, rue de la Grotte
65 100 LOURDES