Passionist nuns

Passionist nuns

Paul of the Cross (1694-1775)
founded the Congregation
of the Passion in 1720
to “promote
with gratitude the memory
and the cult of the Passion
of Jesus in the hearts
of the faithful,
meditating the mystery
with them and teaching
them to meditate on it”.


In 1771, the first monastery of Passionist nuns opened, the contemplative branch of the congregation whose spirituality is centred on the mystery of Love Crucified.

Many difficulties delayed the expansion of the contemplative communities, but after the death of St Gemma Galagani who had so desired to be a Passionist nun, the number of foundations increased.

Currently, there are 40 monasteries in Europe, America (North, Central and South) and Asia, whereas the Passionist Fathers are also already implanted in Africa and Oceania.

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