Monastery Saint Jean-Baptiste d’Unterlinden at Orbey



The history of our monastery

1232 : Eleven years after Saint Dominique’s death , a monastery of dominican  nuns was established in Colmar, dedicated to saint John the Baptist. It’s the musée Unterlinden. The sisters (nuns) lived there until the French Revolution and were expelled from the monastery in 1792.
1899 : It was re-established in Colmar by an Alsatian nun coming from the Oullin’s monastery (near Lyon).
1926 :  The community moved from Colmar to Logelbach then from Logelbach to Orbey Tannach  in 1973.

The monastery today

A community of prayer and praise, the monastery saint Jean-Baptiste d’Unterlinden welcomes people who want to give time for God , to ‘return to their heart ‘, to share the community’s prayer and discover what a day nourished by liturgical prayer is.

La communauté accueille, pour un temps de retraite et de discernement, les jeunes femmes  de 20-35 ans qui se posent la question de la vie religieuse (renseignements complémentaires).

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  • Federation : Notre-Dame des Prêcheurs
  • Diocese : Strasbourg
  • Concordat dioceses

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Monastère St Jean-Baptiste d’Unterlinden
53, Holnet
68 370 ORBEY

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