Monastery of dominican nuns at Dax



The History of our Monastery

On the 16th of December 1863, a group of Dominicaines arrived in Dax from Nay, a small pyrenean monastery which recovered very quickly after the Revolution. The monastery of Dax is founded. In 1958, the old Prioress left with several Sisters to found a monastery in St Denis, on Reunion Island.
In 1996 a new community emerged, thanks to the union of four monasteries. The Sisters from other monasteries came to join them, and some novices entered the monastery.

The monastery today

The Dominican monastery of Dax comprises around 30 Sisters, originally from various French regions, of diverse cultures and nationalities. The various liturgical services punctuate the day:
Lauds at 7:30 am, Eucharist at 8 am, Median Time at noon, Vespers at 5:30 pm, Compline or Vigils at 8:30 pm.
The community works to make altar bread, and various other small workshops. We offer a place of peace to women and men seeking spirituality (15 rooms).

Special features of our monastery

Due to its history, the community welcomes the emergence of newness.



  • Federation : Notre-Dame des Prêcheurs
  • Diocese : Aire and Dax
  • Ecclesiastical province : Bordeaux

Contact our monastery

Monastère Saint Dominique
62 rue Gambetta
40 100 Dax

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