Annonciade Monastery at Grentheville


History of monastery

From 1975 to 2015, during 40 years, a religious community founded by the Annonciades from Thiais has been housed in the monastery of Sisters of the Annunciation of Mary (Annonciade) located in Brucourt and situated on a hill overlooking the beautiful Normandy’s Pays d’Auge region.
In 2012 the community of 8 sisters was reorganized : 4 eldest sisters went back to the monastery of Thiais and new ones came from Thiais and also from Menton where the monastery closed down the same year.
The renewed community planned to move to an unoccupied place, Grentheville’s domain on the outskirts of Caen, which used to be a former home for elderly priests.
As the existing building in Grentheville didn’t meet the standards anymore it was demolished except for the old part of it “the Château”. Since December 2015 the community lives in a completely new and functional monastery.
Four sisters coming from the apostolic branch in Belgium live in a separate cottage.
The chaplain has also his own detached house.

The monastery today

The primary purpose of the monastery is to make contemplative and apostolic sisters to coexist in the same place to organize together the church services and the monastic hospitality.
The chapel can seat 180 people. It was dedicated on 7 February 2016.
The guesthouse has 25 bedrooms, 30 beds and bedrooms for disabled persons.
A lift, conference rooms, an oratory, a large dining room for guests and a parking are also available.
The shop offers monastic products as well as a bookshop.

Special features of our monastery

Contemplative and apostolic Annonciades and the brotherhood of lay people are the 3 branches of a same family that was founded by Saint Joan of France in 1502. This experience with the two communities of sisters which was started in Menton during 12 years was really a success.
The complementary between the two communities is a source of mutual enrichment.
In this way the monastery wishes to create a spiritual centre that aims to announce Saint Joan of France ‘s  Marian and evangelical spirituality : like Mary be the joy of God.




  • Diocese : Bayeux-Lisieux
  • Ecclesiastical province : Rouen

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Monastère de l’Annonciade

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