Annonciade Monastery at Saint-Doulchard

Annonciade Monastery


History of monastery

Our  Annonciade Monastery at Saint-Doulchard was foundered in 1988 by the Monastery of Thiais.  It is a return to the birth-place of the Order, foundered at Bourges in 1502 by Sainte Jeanne of France.

Located near Bourges, it has a magnificent view of the cathedral in the distance.  Like  Marian and Franciscan spirituality, our contemplative life is punctuated by the Eucharist, the Monastic Offices, prayer and ‘Lectio divina’. The nuns strive to radiate the joy of Mary and place an emphasis on  fraternal life.

The monastery today

The Annonciade Monastery hostelry  welcomes  various groups in the region and beyond, who wish to reflect, pray or relax in an environment conducive to silence.  We share the evangelical and Marian spirituality of the Order in a similar way to the Annonciade Fraternity.

Special features of our monastery

We welcome girls from 7 to 16, ‘the Troubadours of Peace’, who meet regularly according to ages, and learn to discover the Virgin Mary, St. Jeanne of France and St. Francis of Assisi and their messages of love and peace.


Annonciade Monastery

  • Diocese : Bourges
  • Ecclesiastical province: Tours

Contact our monastery

Monastère de l’Annonciade

115, route de Vouzeron