Redemptoristines Monastery at Saint-Restitut



The History of our monastery

Originally, our Monastery was founded in Armentières (Department of North, in France) en 1899. But the 1901 laws about religious congregations compelled the community to go into exile in Maffles, Belgium. In 1920 we moved to Wargnies-le-Petit (North), then to St Restitut (Drôme) in 1980 where we are now. The building is a former provençal country house which main body dates from 1778, as engraved on the older stones. We have built a chapel and a new wing with a large library.

The monastery today

Our life retains the main lines of monastic life :

  • Liturgical prayer : celebration of the Eucharist, Divine Office. We are commissioned by the Church to celebrate this public prayer of praise and intercession in the name of all.
  • Personal prayer fed by the Word of God, orison, Lectio divina.
  • Work : for the needs of community life, and in sense of service, each of us is entrusted a specific work as welcoming the guests, binding or household works.
  • Brotherly life is characterised by joy, simplicity, mutual help, dialogue, community meetings.

Special features of our monastery

Our hospitality at Redemptoristines Monastery at Saint-Restitut : the monastic Guest house. We wish that our welcome and the sharing of our prayer life will do good to our guests, men and women, who come to recover physical or spiritual strengths.

Our village : St Restitut is a medieval village, overlooking the Rhône valley. It is located on a small mountain range in the “Provençal Drôme” area, mainly sunny, sometimes windy, and always humming with cicada singing.



  • Diocese : Valence
  • Ecclesiastical province : Lyon

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Monastère des Rédemptoristines
65, route du Belvédère
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