Monastery of Carthusian sisters in Reillanne

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The History of our Monastery

After the French Revolution, as soon as Carthusian monks were allowed to go back to the “Grande chartreuse” (1816), some Carthusian nuns were also fervently looking to get back together. In 1820, five sisters from former Carthusian monasteries began to form the new kernel of a small community. Manifold researchs and efforts were necessary before they could finally settle in the castle of Beauregard, not far from Voiron (near Grenoble). In 1903, despite a police raid, the community could remain on the site. Only Charterhouse in France in this troubled time, as a lighthouse in the middle of the storm.

Yet another storm was lying in wait : the city of Voiron was growing. Noise and nuisances were threatening the solitude of Sainte Croix de Beauregard Charterhouse. They had to leave. The 1975 General Chapter gave permission to look for another place where solitary life in all purity could be set. Reillanne, in Provence (Diocese of Digne) showed to be an ideal place. This was where our community emigrated in 1978.

The monastery today

Following Saint Bruno, the monastery of Carthusian sisters in Reillanne is trying to continue the prayer of Jesus within the Church today, in communion with solitary Jesus, offering himself until the end in his prayer to the Father. As Carthusian nuns, our specific feature is solitary life lived in the “cell”, which includes a hermitage and a small garden : a retreat of interiority and solitude aiming at a life of close union to God. This is where most of our life takes place, our usual setting for daily life activities, personal and liturgical prayer, lectio divina, work, meals, sleep, although some liturgical hours are sung (in Gregorian) in the church and, on specific occasions, we may gather for highlights of fraternal life as in a family.

In our liturgical celebrations in the church, we keep singing Gregorian. Nevertheless we have chosen to use French language for psalmody and readings.

Each of us gives in her place her own contribution to community life according to her gifts (miniatures, binding, printing, sewing, various works and services…).



  • Diocese : Digne
  • Ecclesiastical province : Marseille

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