Monastery of carthusian nuns at Nonenque

Chartreuse de Nonenque


History of monastery

Our community was founded in 1871 at Notre-Dame du Gard, a former cistercian monastery located near Amiens. The 1906 evictions forced the nuns to leave the monastery and find a refuge in Burdinne near Namur, in Belgium. Its only in 1928 that they could make their dream a reality and be back in France. Their monastery of Notre-Dame du Gard being partly destroyed and less isolated, they moved in an old cistercian abbey, founded in 1148 by the cistercian monks of Sylvanes Abbey and abandoned at the Revolution.

Our community found at this very place, in the Annou river valley, natural surroundings particularly favourable for a hidden and solitary life, on the foothills of Larzac, in Aveyron.

After intensive restoration works to adapt the buildings to the carthusian life, our monastery became

“The carthusian monastery of the Precious Blood” at Nonenque.

The monastery today

Our community is living a carthusian Life : silence, solitude and communion, in a simple way close to nature.

We gather at the chapel for Matins and Lauds, in the middle of the night, for the morning Holly Mass and Vespers in the afternoon. A carthusian monk ensures all the liturgical and sacramental functions. The other Office Hours are recited in solitude.

Every week we gather together in “a spaciement” for a several hours walk in the country side of the monastery. One recreation in the week, sometimes sharing sessions and more rarely common works, ensure the necessary relaxation and contribute to a true family life around Christ who brings us together.

Given our solitary life, our hostel only receives members of our families, one or two times a year as well as young women with the desire to do a discernment retreat.



  • Diocese : Rodez
  • Ecclesiastical province : Toulouse

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