Abbey Notre-Dame du Rivet at Auros

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The history of our monastery

In the vicinity of the Graves and Sauterne Bordeaux vineyards, you are invited to discover our monastery, very much alive, hidden but glowing, as is often said should we take heed of hearsay! Though ancient documents date the Monastery du Rivet as far back as Charlemagne, our monastery is indeed deeply rooted in today’s world of man.
Originally a Benedictine monastery, then Cistercian until the French revolution, the premises were reoccupied by nuns from Blagnac (Maubec foundation) who thus revived its praising nature.
Faithful to its Cistercian tradition, the community does not perpetuate nostalgia of ancient times: rather, it seeks to live its contemplative life in relation to the present time, without letting it deviate from our own values.

Our monastery today

Responding to the call of Christ, we lead a monastic life based on several pillars: the liturgy, mass and divine offices, the Lexio Divina, personal prayers, community life and work. Our community brings together women of different origins (several nationalities). We are of different social backgrounds, different temperaments and personalities.

Before entering the monastery, each one of us had work experience and, from day to day, it is with whom we are that we build the community, respecting each other in a genuine consideration of a true fraternal life. We all lead the same life seeking to reach equilibrium between solitude and community life. It is also together that we earn our living through lucrative activities, such as selling our home made Santon figurines, our biscuits sold in our own shop, handmade products (hand painted silk scarves, candles), our handmade and embroidered liturgical vestments, and by offering hospitality in our monastic guest house to anyone wishing to stay in solitude, silence and prayer.
We also feel compelled by Laudato Si (Praise Be to You: on care for our common home) so that we seek to find how to participate in this Integral Ecology.

Some special characteristics of our monastery

Our site is home to a cave identical in all aspects to Our Lady of Lourdes’ cave. This motivated our Sisters from Blagnac to choose this place in particular. But why? Because Jeanne Védère, who was one of Bernadette Soubirous’ cousins, entered Blagnac under the name of Sister Gertrude. She was besides Bernadette at the precise time when our Virgin Mary appeared and replied specifically to Bernadette, stating that her cousin would enter an order where all are clothed in white (referring to the cowl, the monastic garment). And Sister Gertrude’s body lies in repose in the cave, at the Rivet monastery, at the presumed spot of the Apparitions at Our Lady of Lourdes’.
Moreover, the attendant to the Countess of Tamizé (owner of the premises before the Sisters) was healed at Lourdes and had an apparition of the Virgin Mary on a pathway between the cave and a place of devotion to Saint Joseph on the property.
We are experiencing an adventure and we are increasingly driven to a discovery of who we are, who man is, cooperating with the Holy Spirit within us. In simplicity, we are, holding our place as “keepers”, at the heart of humanity with which we are aware to be in solidarity.

Translation: Corinne O’Connor



  • Federation : O.C.S.O.
  • Diocese : Bordeaux
  • Ecclesiastical province : Bordeaux

Contact our monastery

Abbaye Sainte-Marie du Rivet
33 124 AUROS