Monastery of St Clare in Vandoeuvre

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The History of our Monastery

In 1921, six Poor Clares from Renaix in Belgium (of whom one came from Nancy) restored Poor Clare life in Lorraine after a long break. In fact, the first Poor Clares who had been formed and appointed by St Colette, arrived in our region in 1447. In 1519, Philippa of Guelders, the Duchess of Lorraine and of Bar and queen of Sicily joined them. At the moment of the Revolution, the monastery was devastated and the sisters driven away. There would be no more Poor Clares in Lorraine until the foundation of Vandoeuvre.

In 1967 the community made a foundation in Uganda. In 1979, after having responded to requests for help in Lebanon and Egypt, several sisters made a small foundation on the hill of Sion in the Diocese of Nancy. This latter community founded branches in Hungary and Romania.

The monastery today

Together as “the sisters that the Lord gives us” (St Clare), 26 of us learn each day to “be always with Him who is always with us” (St Clare) through fraternal live, and work, our lives framed by times of liturgical and personal prayer, (see the site for the timetable). We live the ‘grace of work’ (St Clare) in diverse activities : hospitality, gardening, community services, sewing, book binding, offset printing.

Special features of our monastery

The Monastery of St Clare in Vandoeuvre is in the heart of the town. We welcome not only individuals, but groups from many spiritualties and different generations; the youngest are those children who are preparing to make their first communion.

Voici nos horaires de prière, auxquels vous pouvez participer :

Prière du matin : 7 h 30, précédée de l’adoration eucharistique
Eucharistie : 11 h
Vêpres: 17 h
(pour des horaires plus détaillés, consulter notre site).

1921 Naissance d’un monastère – 2021 Ouverture à un ailleurs :

« Quitte ton pays, ta parenté et la maison de ton père, et va vers le pays que je te montrerai » (Gen 12,1-2).

Après avoir célébré, le 11 avril, les 100 ans du retour de l’Ordre en Lorraine, la communauté des Clarisses de Vandœuvre s’ouvre à un ailleurs. Le 1er juillet le monastère sera fermé, chacune des sœurs aura rejoint un nouveau lieu de vie, le lieu où le Seigneur l’a conduite : monastère, Ehpad, Petites Sœurs des Pauvres.



  • Federation : St Damien
  • Diocese : Nancy
  • Ecclesiastical Province : Besançon

Contact our monastery

Monastère Sainte-Claire
24 rue Ste Colette