Monastery of St Clare at Crest



The History of our Monastery

Our community in Crest has a relatively short history. In 2006, the Lord brought together two communities for both of whom the future raised questions in need of solutions. The breath of the Holy Spirit impelled the community of Tassin (Rhone) and Crest (Drôme) to live together in the buildings at Crest. This union was ratified by the Church on the 2nd June, 2008.
The Community of Tassin has an eventful history, full of courage and fervour, from its beginning at Bourg-en-Bresse via several different buildings and the epic and painful episode of the Revolution.
The history of Crest (6 sisters who came from Romans in the Drôme) began at Die and continues at Crest, with a period in Valence, following the bombing of 1944. The chronicles of the monastery also bear witness to heroic courage.

The Monastery Today

Having had the joy of opening its doors, the monastery of St Clare of Mary Immaculate at Crest counts 11 professed sisters. Although not necessarily young, there is still plenty of vitality, which enables us to keep the liturgy alive, to support our less autonomous sisters, to carry out our work effectively, and, with help, to upkeep the house since we have quite a large guesthouse.

Special features of our monastery

We are a down-to-earth community, with a love for nature and for life – as a result, we have trees, flowers, a kitchen garden and soft fruit and a chicken run.

For more than thirty years, the community welcomes all-comers : for the Mass and Offices, and days of adoration. There is also accommodation for Christian groups, Poor Clare meetings, organisations, catechism, friends and family and people seeking a time of spiritual renewal, those doing a monastic experience, those who help us in a vast variety of ways etc.



  • Federation : St Clare
  • Diocese : Valence
  • Ecclesiastical Province : Lyon

Contact our monastery

Monastère Sainte-Claire
de Marie Immaculée
53, rue des Auberts
26 400 CREST