Carmel of the Sacred Heart at St Germain en Laye



The History of our Monastery

One day in October 1863, Mère Madeleine and five Carmelite nuns arrived at St Germain en Laye intending to found a new Carmel. They came from Lille. First of all, they found a house, rue de Poissy and the following November 24th, St Jean de la Croix feast, the Carmel was settled there. The construction of the monastery, in rue de Bouffers (then rue Gallieni) was the work of a new prioress who came from Luçon, Mère Anne de Jésus. The choir of the future chapel was blessed on August 29th 1878 and the monastery erected under the name of the Sacred Heart Réparateur and Notre-Dame du Mont Carmel. The chapel which stood unfinished was endowed with a nave in 1968.

The monastery today

In 2014, at the Carmel of the Sacred Heart at St Germain en Laye, we are 12 sisters coming nearly from all parts of France. We heart feel desire to offer to those who are looking for a favorable space for the propitious prayer to meet God. The liturgy sung by the sisters and those who want to join tends to be easy, lively and meditative. While remaining monastically, it takes into account those who participate of local and worldly news.

“Meditate day and night the Word of our Lord,
be in his Presence and keep a relation of friendship with God”.

These are our ways of expressing the life of continue prayer in which we hope to follow the example of St Elie, the prophet, our mother Ste Thérèse d’ Avila, St Jean de la Croix and specially that of the Virgin Mary who “meditated all the things in her heart”. She is the Queen and Beauty of the Carmel.




  • Federation : France Nord
  • Diocese : Versailles
  • Ecclesiastical Province : Paris

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Carmel du Sacré Coeur
15, rue de Boufflers

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