Carmel of the Annunciation in Vannes

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The History of our Monastery

The first Carmel of women in France was founded in 1463 in a district of the city of Vannes called “Bondon” by Blessed Françoise d’Ambroise, Duchess of Brittany, with the help of Blessed Jean Soreth. Françoise lived there with her first companions until 1477 when the community was transferred to Couëts near Nantes. The community flourished and in 1530 à group of Sisters was sent to Vannes to found a new monastery, called “Nazareth”. Generations of Carmelites lived there in great fidelity until 1792 when the French Revolution destroyed or confiscated much of the Church’s property throughout France.

In 1866, a Carmel was founded for a third time in Vannes at 35 Rue Jean Gougaud by Mother Séraphine who was professed in the Carmel of Cahors and who founded that of Angers. Mother Serafine thought it perfectly normal that the city which was the cradle of the feminine branch of Carmelites should have a monastery !

The monastery today

All the while belonging to the Reform of St Terea of Avila, the Carmel of the Annunciation in Vannes has always kept alive the memory of the five Carmels of Brittany which lived in the spirit of the Constitutions of Blessed Françoise d’Ambroise until the French Revolution put an end to the first feminine branch of Carmelites in France.

In the course of these last years, the Monastery became too large for our community. In October 2013, we moved into a section of the Motherhouse of the Sisters of Charity of St Louis at 18 place Théodore Decker in Vannes. A new chapter of our history has opened for us who wished to remain in the heart of the Diocese and the city of Vannes but in a place better adapted to the age and health of our Sisters. Very recently, new developments in community places have enabled us to find an oratory where we can host for mass and services.

Our mission remains the same : “remain before the living God… watch in prayer… meditate day and night on the law of the Lord” (Carmelite Rule).

Special features of our monastery

The handwork very reduced now of the Sisters is sold in the welcome area : ceramics (religious objects earthenware, Nativity sets) and candles decorated for Baptisms or Professions of Faith.

All are welcome to join us in prayer :
Weekdays : Morning Prayer at 8:30 am. Mass at 11 am
Sundays and Holy Days : Mass at 9:30 am ; Vespers at 5:45 pm at the Chapel of the Sisters of Charity of St Louis.




  • Federation : France-Nord
  • Diocese : Vannes
  • Ecclesiastical Province : Rennes

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Carmel de l’Annonciation
18 place Théodore Decker
56 000 VANNES

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